Store Manager of the Year Award


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Jerry Ward-Homeland, Oklahoma City, OK
2016 Store Manager of the Year


Description of Award

AWG will present an award each year to store managers who exemplify the role that a good store manager plays in the success of the store.

The award will be available to one store manager from each AWG division, though there is no guarantee that the award will be given in each division each year.

One overall AWG Store Manager of the Year will be chosen from the division winners and presented with an award at the AWG Annual Meeting in March. The overall winner will also be submitted as a nominee for the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Store Manager of the Year Award.



The Store Manager Award Program is open to AWG members only. Nominee must have been managing the same store for at least one year. No nominations of owners, or store employees other than the store manager, will be accepted.


Scoring Criteria

Entries will be scored based on overall content and the store manager’s demonstrated ability to:

  • Generate sales growth and positively impact the overall business of the store. Statistics on growth/sales should be included.
  • Go above and beyond the ordinary in Customer Service and/or community relations.
  • Execute innovative in-store programs and/or special events that improved overall customer service and community relations.
  • Show balance between his/her people skills and operations skills
  • Execute and achieve goals with the store associate team.
  • Lead and/or mentor team members from their store.


Rules and Regulations

All entries must be received by December 1, 2017.

Photos and/or copies of the supporting documents may be submitted separately. Videos will be accepted. Note: These materials will not be returned to you.Submit your nomination by filling out the form below.