Supermarket Manager Training Program

This In-Store Training Guide provides a detailed in-store training program to help prepare candidates to become an effective store manager.

Each chapter of this guide focuses on a specific department or store function, and includes a training checklist and learning assessment. The checklists do not include specific training instructions.  Instead, these checklists should be used with other resources and store specific procedures for teaching the specific knowledge points on the checklist.  Learning assessments should be administered at the conclusion of each chapter.

The In-Store Training Guide can be customized for each participant based on individual development needs.  The objectives of the In-Store Training Guide are:

  • To provide a comprehensive outline for the training and development of store managers and prospective store managers
  • To provide a recommended training strategy for developing current and future store managers
  • To provide assessment tools to assist in the evaluation of store manager development and performance
  • To outline the best operational practices in each department of the supermarket


*For purposes of this guide, the term “store manager” is used generically and refers to anyone who is responsible for overall supermarket operations.

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