Workshops – Management & Leadership

These are workshops that provide the skills required to be a successful manager and leader in today’s quickly changing world.

Becoming a Better Boss (Half Day)
This workshop is built on the premise that one of the keys to managing people is learning how to manage yourself.  During this half-day workshop, participants will learn how to handle the following situations:  When Someone Drops the Ball, When Everyone Disagrees, When Things Fall Apart, When New Ideas Are Presented, When You Run Into Confrontation, and When Bad News Hits.

Building High Performance Teams (Full Day)
This workshop is about inspiring the people who work for you to achieve extraordinary results.  When associates work together, they create greater success than any one person could achieve individually.  This workshop focuses on the phases of team development and teambuilding techniques you can use to maximize team results.

Coaching for Improved Performance (Half Day)
Once an employee’s performance has been assessed, the manager identifies specific areas that need improvement.  This workshop shows the participant how to coach an employee so that performance improves.  If done well, coaching will improve worker performance by increasing the quality and quantity of work performed.

Creating a Company of Business People (Full Day)
The cornerstone of this workshop is the fundamental concept that the thriving businesses of tomorrow will require every employee to act like the owner of the business.  Through case histories, videos and exercises, participants learn how to create a company of owners, how to turn employees into entrepreneurs, and how to translate this behavior into profits for the bottom line.

Delegating Effectively:  Getting Work Done Through Others (Half Day)
This workshop gives valuable insights into the practice of the “Three W’s” of effective delegation: When should team leaders delegate?  Whom should they delegate to? And, what explanation should they give to team members?  This workshop also shows how to use delegation as a motivation tool.

Developing Your People:  Matching Your Leadership Style to the Situation (Full Day)
Situational leadership is based on the core concept that there is no one best leadership style.  During this session, participants will learn how to diagnose employees to determine their developmental level on any task or skill and how to respond appropriately so that performance improves.

Goal Setting:  A Road Map for Results (Half Day)
The objective of this workshop is to help participants recognize the value of goal setting and the role that goal setting plays in success.   At the completion of this workshop, participants will know how to set and achieve goals that can lead to business and personal success.

Harassment Prevention:  How to Stay Out of Hot Water (Half Day)
Participants will leave this half-day session with a working knowledge of the legal issues surrounding harassment.  Topics will focus on identification, prevention and response to harassment situations.

Hiring Winners:  Using Behavior-Based Hiring Techniques (Full Day)
With a shrinking labor pool, greater turnover, and increased government regulations, the need to become expert in the field of hiring has been never greater.  How do you separate the average candidate from the winner who becomes a solid performer for years to come?  This session will teach the skills of behavior-based interviewing, which increases the likelihood of a finding the right person for the job. The session also covers the the cost of turnover and employment laws that relate to hiring.

Keeping Good Employees Motivated (Half Day)
Successful managers create a working environment that allows each individual to perform at their best. During this session, participants will learn techniques that will help them sustain or improve employee performance, understand factors that motivate employees, and distinguish between motivators and dis-satisfiers.

Making Training Stick (Half Day)
The purpose of training is learning.  The purpose of this session is to share concepts and techniques that the experts use to insure that the learner leaves the training session with new knowledge and skills. Participants will be introduced to adult learning theory and the different learning styles that must be addressed.  They will also learn techniques for creating interactive training sessions where the learning that takes place during the training can be transferred back to the job.

Managing Across the Generations (Full Day)
This workshop is designed to give managers the tools they need to understand the values and  priorities of each generation in the workplace.  With that understanding comes the ability to recruit, retain, communicate, manage, and motivate in an environment that honors each generation and allows them to take an active roll in your store’s success.

Managing Employee Conflict (Half Day)
Wherever people work together, conflicts arise.  They may be simple misunderstandings that can be cleared up quickly.  Or they may reveal subtle, but pervasive, morale problems that threaten to tear the delicate fabric of your organization.  This workshop shows managers how to explore conflicts between employees and get to the heart of the problem to correct it before it’s too late.

Managing People:  What Every Manager Should Know (Full Day)
To get the work done, a manager/supervisor must be able to communicate effectively and delegate effectively.  A manager must also understand the legal issues that surround supervising others.  This full-day session will cover these basics of managing people.

One Minute Manager (Half Day)
This workshop is based on Ken Blanchard’s classic book.  It focuses on how to effectively manage employees in today’s fast-paced work environment.  This seminar is for those who are new to supervision, as well as veterans who want to become more effective in producing results. Topics include how to motivate employees, goal setting, dealing with employee problems and effective training techniques.

Team Building:  Working Together for Results (Full Day)
Today’s workforce gets more diverse every day.  Yet the need to work together efficiently and effectively is more important than ever.  To operate profitably, an organization needs to take people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences and create an efficient team of dedicated employees.

Time Wise (Half Day)
Everyone has the same amount of time . . . the difference is how you use it!  This half-day session will examine the foundations and proven techniques of effective time management. This session is based on the theory that we all get the same 168 hours each week and, offers skills used by successful people.