Workshops – Store Operations

These are workshops that will help increase sales, reduce loss, and improve overall store profitability.

Analyzing the P & L Statement (Half Day)
This seminar is designed to give trained store management staff the basic tools to analyze financial operating results after receiving the Profit & Loss (Income Statement) report. It provides the basic principles of how operating results are reported, what the numbers mean, and what actions can be taken to improve results.

Customer-Centered Service  (Full Day)
This seminar is designed to train managers and supervisors on how to develop, implement and maintain a storewide customer service friendliness program.  At the conclusion of the day, each participant will have a turnkey friendliness program ready for implementation at store level.

Customer Service:  The Basics and Beyond (Half Day)
The need for customer service occurs any time the customer has contact with your organization – on the phone, in person, when the groceries are unpacked, and when the product is used. This hands-on, fast-paced, session focuses on understanding the importance of providing outstanding customer service during every customer contact. Participants will learn how to determine what each customer needs and how to provide it with an attitude of service.  The popular Johnny the Bagger video shows participants how even one person can make a difference in exceeding customer expectations.

Food Safety & Sanitation Certification Program (Full Day)
As customers turn more and more to prepared food for their meals, retailers must operate their stores with a renewed focus on food safety and sanitation.  Participants who successfully complete this course and the exam will receive certification in food safety and sanitation.  This comprehensive program is the only one currently focusing on sanitation as it relates to the grocery industry.

Loss Prevention/Shrink Control (Full Day)
This highly interactive session will lead participants to discover the many aspects of loss prevention.  They will understand the role of a manager in the prevention of loss through shrink control, theft tracks, and minimizing human error.  They will receive tools to help with front-end security, tracking vendor errors, and ideas to manage loss from customers.

Managing the Front-End:  Protecting Your Assets (Full Day)
The front end of your store is unique because of the many varied and wide-ranging activities that occur there.  Customer checkout and other customer services require actions that only skilled, professionally trained employees can do to provide the best care for the customer while protecting the store’s profits.  This workshop provides the front-end manager or supervisor with a full understanding of the role they play by doing their job efficiently and leading others to perform their jobs accurately.

Managing Your Financials (Full Day)
This workshop will give the store owner and managers the tools and concepts to be able to analyze and manage key financial statements. Participants will also learn how to use the profit and loss statement, balance sheet, pro forma, and market research to make business decisions.

Selling More in Today’s World (Full Day)
Today’s consumers are changing faster than ever before. What’s causing all of these changes and what should we be doing about today’s marketplace? Which companies are going to be the winners and who is going to be left behind?  This workshop is designed to explore what customers are looking for in your store and what you should be doing to take advantage of the changing trends.

Supermarket Math (Half Day)
This three-hour workshop will focus on the basic math skills needed to run a successful department or store … from figuring gross margin to using math to support merchandising decisions.  Target audience is store managers, assistant managers, department managers and other key employees.